Kristen Kreuk is Everywhere

I'm very happy that Kristen Kreuk is a regular on a TV series again, and happier still this cord cutter receives the CW over the air.  But, an odd thing happened last night.

I was watching another new CW series, Arrow, while Kreuk's new show "Beauty and the Beast" was being recorded.  In the last fight of the episode, Oliver is battling in ... the Tomb of the Nameless Ones from The Tomb of Atuan, staring Kristen Kreuk.
In Tomb, Ms. Kreuk's character is in that room with the wizard Ged, whose true name is Sparrow-hawk and who at one point in the movie is shot by an Arrow.
Now, if only I could tie it in to Ms. Kreuk's 4-episode cameo on Chuck a couple of years ago, because I need an excuse to watch the scene where she walks into the Buy More again.  It's ridiculous, but damn.


It Used to Be

that when I needed a few transparencies for my home printer I would grab a handful from the supply cabinet at work.  A box of 50 was only about $15, so no big deal.  Well, now we don't use transparencies at work; I don't know a business that would, really.

But, I need some.  I've got to print a circuit on one so I can etch it onto a board.  So I ordered some.

They are not used as much, so the price is now $50 for a box of 50.  At that price, I'll be cutting them down to size before printing to reduce waste, because, wow.

En Fuego

From the BBC:

Volcanologists said powerful eruptions were catapulting burning rocks as high as 1,000m (3,280ft) above the crater and lava was flowing down its slopes.

Locals reported how the roaring of the volcano shook windows and roofs in nearby villages.

Experts say the eruption of the Fuego, 50km (31 miles) south-west of Guatemala City, is the biggest since 1999.


Apple Products Last

John Gruber posts a link to Why Are Apple Laptops Becoming Harder to Take Apart?.  As a consumer, not the engineer I am, my 30 years experience with both Apple computers and generic PC's is that Apples last me at least 4 years, and usually 5 or 6.  By that time, I want to upgrade, because technology has moved on.

PC's?  Almost always I need some part or another every year, and full replacement at 2.5 years because the motley collection of parts has collapsed.

I prefer to pay a premium for Apple products because my long experience with them is that they last; the benefits outweigh the costs.

IBEX is Fantastic

This past January I purchased an Optimus Guide Sweater from  It is one of the most comfortable things I have ever worn, coming in second only to a $2000 suite I tried on at Nordstroms once.

Alas, the hem is coming undone, so I called them for an exchange.  They would happily refund my money and send me a pre-paid return label, but they don't carry the Optimus in the summer so they could not exchange mine for another now.

Then, they moved into the category of excellent customer service by suggesting that if I wanted, I could keep the one I have until their new stock arrives this coming August.  They would then happily exchange it then.

Well done, Ibex!  That's worth a couple of years of customer loyalty to me.

Always in mind, always on hand

I have been thinking about packing for backpacking recently and had a minor epiphany. I don't want the emergency first aid kit or the emergency food kit to be sacrosanct; never to be used except in dire need. Instead, I want them to be the first thought of, commonly used items so that I always know where to find them quickly, what is in there, and how to use it all.

They are always on hand, because they are indispensable. Sure, you don't want to eat the emergency food, but having the bug repellant and other common items in the first aid kit and using the emergency stove for tea means they are always in mind; always in use. Packing can be improved with experience.

Here's where I'm coming from; I haven't thought about this in years.

As a boy, I was in Cub Scouts and went to the Boys and Girls Club in Bellevue, WA., a lot. So, my parents sent me on club trips regularly. One summer, 1978 if I recall, I had finished reading my brothers old Boy Scout manual (the thick, cool one from the late 60's or early 70's) and had made my own nifty emergency kit. I took it with me on the weekend trip.

But, when we actually got into the canoes, well, I didn't want to loose my precious emergency kit I had spent so much time creating, so 12 year old me left it in the tent. Guess what? Actual emergency: a tree had fallen across the river and every single one of our 8 canoes capsized. We all got stuck on an island in the middle of the river. Oddly, while underwater, my fear wasn't drowning, but that a barracuda would eat me.

We were cold and wet. I had lost a shoe. In my memory, it seems like every time the leaders asked if someone had something (waterproof matches, fire starter, whistle) I did. Safe against the wet in a tin wrapped in paraffin cloth back in my tent. Where it could not help. So we stayed cold and wet until the Sheriffs came and evacuated us hours later (fishermen on the river went to a nearby farm to call).

I carried that kit with me everywhere I went the rest of the summer. And the next, when my parents sent me on another canoeing trip (I did not want to go, let me tell you! That one was awesome).

So, that's what I'm going to try this summer on day hikes and weekend trips.

Apple Event Prediction

I predict that no matter what Apple announces on Wednesday, the pundit class will be sorely disappointed and within a few weeks, they will be outselling everything else by 2 orders of magnitude.  This is because normal people will look at it, hold one at the Apple Store nearest them, and decide it's just what they wanted.

There are only 50 or 100 thousand "fanboi's".  Not 10's of millions.  They are not driving Apples sales.

TWiT Kicked me Today

So, I've been a TWiT fan for many, many years.  I've donated money for years, watched everything obsessively, and even have a brick on the TWiT wall.

I've only ever been kicked from the TWiT IRC chat twice.  Once for language, which I completely understood.  Today, I was kicked for commenting that perhaps Leo could eliminate a producer or two to pay Sarah Lane a bit more; in context during iPad Today this made sense.  It's also true.

The new TWiT show, Game On, is fantastic!  The TWiT Network is spending a ton of money to produce it, yet in just 7 episodes they have been plagued by technical difficulties.  Really hard to detect ones, like the mics not working, or the show isn't being recorded.

The hosts are killing it, but the producers seem more intent on getting on the stream and are not paying attention to business. I've worked at startups like that before: it's supposed to be fun, right? Let's party! Free Beer Fridays!  Well, the bug list is filling up.


After thinking about it for a while, I'm taking a break from TWiT.  Much of the content is still great, but not great enough.